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An Act of Love in Every Donation:
  APLUS and You, United by Blood !  

Blood, all humans need it and can’t live without it. Moreover,
it connects you and me.
APLUS POWER offers the public more stable electric environment,
and is devoted to social welfare worldwide for a long time.
We lend a helping hand overseas to help
out the difficult situation of blood shortage with local distributors and charity organizations.

To raise the public awareness of the importance of blood donation and to encourage
public donation in action, in Panama, we co-organized with Sangre Panamá and
Publimovil to hold the blood donation campaign.

Donors give their blood ; we support them with solid electricity power protection.
It's our honor to be engaged in this meaningful event.


Blood that Drives, Lives that Shine:
  APLUS and Blood Donation !  
In Guatemala, we cooperated with local chapter of Red Cross, to invite donors
to save someone's life by giving blood.
Thanks to donors' selfless, our idea is successfully conveyed to the public and
give help to those really in need.

To the world, APLUS just takes a small action. However, the brief time we spend
together to engage in the campaign can protect someone's health and daily happiness.
We hope that it can be a little but vital puzzle to complete people who need blood to support their lives.

APLUS POWER will continue to provide better electric environment,
and also to create more friendly environment for blood donation around the world.